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tv   History of the Vice Presidency  CSPAN  July 4, 2016 11:58pm-1:01am EDT

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so we were able to get it back to what we think is pretty close to how it looked. the furniture is from the time -- it's not necessarily the original furniture because nothing was saved. the british army captures philadelphia, nobody's thinking about the history until we have some so -- and they kept using it for different things so we don't necessarily have all the contents of the room but we think everything here is a good match to what was here. so we think really as best we can tell from our investigation and our research this is pretty close to how it looked. the first vice president of the united states, john adams, once said about his position that it was "the most insignificant office that ever the imagination of man conceived."
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up next, author joel goldstein talks about the history of the vice presidency and argues that the office has grown in importance, especially for the last six men who have held the position. from the gerald r. ford presidential library, this is an hour. >> good evening again. the timing for tonight's program is prescient as is always the case at the ford library as we are on the verge of seeing who the current nominees for the presidency will select as their running mates. some of you picked up copies of an article from the "wall street journal" recently as you entered the auditorium. it's on the impact of the vice presidential nominee on election results. for those of you who didn't pick up copies, we're having extras run right now and we'll have them for you after the program. tonight we're going to be discussing not just the electoral process but the evolving role of the vice presidency.
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and we have the honor of hosting professor joel goldstein, who is the author of a newly released book "the white house vice presidency, the path to significance from mondale to biden." dr. goldstein is a highly respected scholar of the vice presidency, the presidency and constitutional law having written widely in all three areas.
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